About the Frisian Education Association (back to Frisian)
The F.E.A. was founded in 1987. At the time it was commemorated it was 50 years ago when the Frisian Language was accepted in primary education. Then too was stated that the Frisian language was considered being of minor importance in the field of education and a lot had to be done to give the Frisian language a fully-fledged and equal status in our education system.

For that reason the F.E.A. was founded to combine all interested parties' efforts trying to acquise fully-fledged Frisian education. From pre-schoolground to higher occupational education. Possibly: parents, teachers, schools, schoolboards, students and every other interested parties and persons.

If it's your opinion that more has to be done for the Frisian Langue as part of our educational system, please support us as a member of the association. At the price of at least € 10,- a year you will be kept abreast of the activities of the F.E.A. and you will be welcome to take a part in our activities.

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